1. General provisions
    1. Shipment Management Plugin, Integration or API Integration is a multifunctional tool for order management, shipment creation and administration (hereinafter referred to as the Website).
    2. In these Rules, the term Services is understood as the order and parcel management services provided by MultiParcels UAB (hereinafter – MultiParcels) website user, which are provided by MultiParcels through the Website.
    3. These Website Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) establish the procedure and conditions for using the websites https://platform.multiparcels.com, https://multiparcels.com, https://multiparcels.com (hereinafter – the Website).
    4. The Rules are published on the Website. When registering and / or ordering MultiParcels Services, each user of the MultiParcels website (hereinafter – the Customer) confirms that he / she has read and read the Rules by making an appropriate note in the registration form. Such confirmation means that the Client confirms that there are no surprise or hidden conditions in these Rules, agrees with all the provisions of these Rules, and undertakes to comply with them unconditionally.
    5. The Customer, who has not confirmed that he has read the Rules and read them by making the appropriate note in the registration form, is not entitled to use the MultiParcels Services.
    6. In order for the Customer to use the functions and / or Services of the Website requiring the Customer’s confidentiality obligation, the Website is required to agree to specific instructions of MultiParcels and to assume confidentiality obligations not to disclose the information to third parties, confirming this on the Website. The Customer has the right to use the functions of the Website and / or the Services provided by the Company that require the Customer’s obligation of confidentiality only after performing the above-mentioned actions.
    7. All information published on the Website, including but not limited to prices, contracts, visualizations and their texts, belongs to UAB MultiParcels, to. k. 303049361, registered office Saulėtekio al. 15, Vilnius (hereinafter – the Company). No part of this site may be copied, retransmitted, reposted, duplicated or otherwise used for any purpose other than to use the Company’s Services.
    8. These Rules shall enter into force from the moment of their publication on the Website.
  2. MultiParcels Responsibility
    1. The customer creates the account on the MultiParcels website and receives an automatic account confirmation email. by mail provided by the registrant. If due to technical problems MultiParcels does not automatically receive the account creation confirmation from the Customer, no later than the next business day after the attempt to create an account or account creation confirmation, MultiParcels must provide the Customer with all login data and other information required for the proper use of the Service if the client did not receive this data automatically.
    2. MultiParcels must strive to ensure that the Customer can use the Services 24 hours a day in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Websites, except in cases when maintenance or updating works are performed.
    3. Not later than 3 calendar days in advance, inform the Customer by e-mail about the planned maintenance or renewal works, which may cause malfunctions of the MultiParcels Website.
    4. Ensure that Websites meet the highest security standards (SSL certificate, etc.).
    5. Answer the Client’s questions submitted by e-mail [email protected].
    6. Periodically improve and update the functionalities of the Website components, taking into account the general needs of the Website users and new technological opportunities.
    7. Constantly adapt and update the Websites so that they work smoothly with all the latest Internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and meet the required security standards.
    8. Systematically correct software or system errors noticed by the Customer, about which MultiParcels have been informed. It is considered that MultiParcels has been duly informed by notifying it of the observed software or system errors by e-mail [email protected].
    9. At the Customer’s request, if it is possible to provide additional Services, expand the functionality of the Websites, provide instructions for the use of the latest versions according to the possibilities, etc. Additional services are provided by a separate written agreement with the Client.
    10. MultiParcels is responsible for the physical protection of the servers and the server, ensures the making of external and internal copies of the data stored on the server.
    11. MultiParcels ensures that technical failures and other malfunctions are eliminated as soon as possible.
    12. MultiParcels does not indemnify the Customer for damages and losses caused by improper understanding of the Services, carrier services and shipping methods, pricing, use and / or operation of the Websites used by the Customer.
  3. Customer liability
    1. When registering, the Client must provide and / or fill in all the data requested by MultiParcels, including but not limited to name, surname, Company name, IDV certificate or patent number, legal entity code, VAT code, registered office address, website name, e-mail and mail for information and invoices.
    2. On the MultiParcels Website, the Client himself administers the users of his account and is responsible for the proper assignment of their roles (rights) and assigned responsibilities. MultiParcels provides two possible roles (rights) for the Website Users – Administrator and Employee. Client Account Administrator has full account management rights – he can see and manage all blocks of the MultiParcels Website on his Account menu. An employee can only view and manage the following menu blocks in their account in a MultiParcels account: Home, Shipments, Stores, Auto Tasks, Documents, Import, Address Book, Reports, Integrations.
    3. MultiParcels has the right not to provide any Services to the Customer or to terminate their provision if the Customer has not provided the Company with all the data requested by it, or provided incomplete and / or incorrect data, or for any other reasons without specifying them.
    4. The customer’s person who creates an account on the MultiParcels Website is automatically assigned administrator rights to the e-mail specified by him. mail. Only the Client’s Account Administrator can manage the functionality of the MultiParcels Website, administer the account by assigning carriers, shipping methods, order additional Services, manage other Website Administrators, etc., therefore the Client is responsible for proper appointment and management of his account administrators, staff assignment and management; after completing other actions by the account administrator.
    5. The Customer must immediately inform MultiParcels by e-mail [email protected] about any technical malfunctions, system or software errors of the Website, due to which the Customer cannot properly use the MultiParcels Services. The Customer must describe as fully as possible the detected error and the user’s actions that caused the Service disruptions.
    6. At the request of MultiParcels, the Customer must provide additional information about the errors observed by the Customer on the MultiParcels Website and assist MultiParcels technical support in repeating and eliminating them.
    7. The Customer must answer the questions of the MultiParcels related to the provision of the Services provided by the e-mail address specified during the Customer’s registration on the Website within 8 (eight) working hours by mail.
    8. The Customer must pay on time for the provided Services in accordance with the procedure provided for in these Rules and indemnify the damage and losses of the MultiParcels caused by improper performance of the Customer’s obligations provided for in the Rules.
  4. Confidential information
    1. The Administrator (s) of the MultiParcels Website Client’s account are responsible for the storage and handling of confidential information in accordance with the conditions specified in these Rules.
    2. Confidential information of MultiParcels includes the terms and conditions provided to the Customer, Website functionalities, pricing and all other documentation and information that the Customer and MultiParcels receive from each other during negotiations and / or execution of MultiParcels Services, as well as information that MultiParcels does not publish. Confidential information of MultiParcels is considered information related to MultiParcels planned activities, development, prices, Services, plans provided to the Customer, which MultiParcels discloses to the Customer during negotiations with the Customer or provision of Services, including but not limited to written and electronic texts and other information. form and presentation.
    3. Confidential information does not include information that was at the disposal of MultiParcels (with full right of disclosure) before receiving it from the Customer or other sources, or information that is publicly available, or information that was independently created by MultiParcels before receipt or received from another third party.
    4. The Administrator (s) of the Client’s account are responsible for handling confidential information in accordance with the conditions specified in these Rules.
    5. The Client undertakes to keep the confidential information secret and not to disclose it to Third Parties. Accordingly, the Customer must and undertakes to ensure that the Webmasters and Employees assigned to him, as well as comply with similar confidentiality requirements. Customer shall be liable for any breaches of the Privacy Policy by their Account Users or other users referred to in this section.
    6. MultiParcels has the right to disclose confidential information if it is related to the audit of its commercial activities by an independent audit, authorized state institutions or such information must be disclosed by law or court decision or by individual agreement with the Client such lawyers and representative lawyers.
    7. MultiParcels has the right to transfer confidential information to public authorities or other third parties in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. In such a case, the disclosure of confidential information must comply with the applicable mandatory legal provisions, provided that only the information that is legally required is provided and that MultiParcels notifies the Customer in advance of the obligation to disclose information and fully cooperates with the Customer to protect such confidentiality of information in accordance with applicable law.
    8. These provisions of the Rules regarding the preservation of confidential and any other information related to the performance of the Service shall be valid for the period of providing the MultiParcels Services to the Customer and for two years after the termination of the provision of the MultiParcels services.
  5. Price of services and payment terms
    1. The price of MultiParcels Services is set in its websites and / or Rules. The set payment term is 14 (fourteen) days from the date of invoicing.
    2. An invoice is issued to the Customer for the Services provided during the previous month, except for the cases when MultiParcels issues an advance invoice to the Customer to manage the insolvency risk. The advance invoice must be paid within 3 working days from the date of issue. If the Customer fails to pay the advance invoice within the set term, MultiParcels has the right to terminate the provision of the Services to the Customer and cancel his account. The size of the advance account is determined by MultiParcels after assessing the Customer’s solvency and the expected scope of the Services.
    3. Payments are made by the Customer transferring money by payment order to the Company’s current account specified in the invoice or by entering the bank card data in the Customer’s account of the MultiParcels Website from which the calculated amount for MultiParcels is automatically deducted for payment. All payments are considered made from the day the money is credited to the Company’s current bank account. If the Customer fails to pay for the provided Services on time, MultiParcels has the right to demand from the Customer to pay interest at the rate of 0.02% for each day of delay, calculated on the unpaid amount and / or block the Customer’s account until payment for the provided Services.
    4. In case of malfunctions of MultiParcels Websites due to which the Customer is unable to use the Services (except for cases when maintenance or renewal works are performed), the price of the Service is not reduced. The time of website malfunctions starts counting when the Customer informs the Supplier about the malfunctions by e-mail [email protected]. The start of the Service Disruption is considered to be the next business day after the submission of the information about the Service Disruption to MultiParcels does not indemnify the Customer for any losses and lost income due to malfunctions of MultiParcels Websites.
    5. The Customer confirms that he has a clear and known circumstance that regardless of the chosen method of payment for the Services or the amount paid, he does not in any way and in any form acquire ownership of the MultiParcels Website or its components. The Customer is prohibited from reproducing, duplicating, copying or otherwise using the MultiParcels Websites or any part thereof without the express written consent of MultiParcels.
    6. The prices of MultiParcels Services are published publicly on the MultiParcels Websites: https://multiparcels.com/pricing/ and in the Client’s account.
    7. MultiParcels has the right to change the prices of the Services by notifying the customers 90 (ninety) calendar days in advance by the e-mail of the Administrator (s) of the MultiParcels account specified by the Customer and / or by providing an information message in the Customer’s account. Within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the day of sending / receiving the notification, the Customer must inform MultiParcels about the disagreement with the new prices of the Services by e-mail. email [email protected]. In this case, the supply of the Services to the Customer shall be terminated on the last day of the 90-day term calculated from the day of sending the notice on the change in the price of the Services. If the Customer does not inform MultiParcels about the disagreement with the new price of the Services within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the day of sending / receiving the notification, then it is considered that the Customer has agreed with the new price of the MultiParcels.
  6. Data protection
    1. The protection of MultiParcels personal data is carried out in accordance with the approvedMultiParcels Privacy and Cookie Use Rules.
    2. MultiParcels is registered in the State Register of Personal Data Controllers and has been assigned the data controller identification code P8267.
    3. In case of violation of the MultiParcels Rules and in order to indemnify the incurred losses, the personal data of the Customer and its representatives (name, surname and other personal data necessary for this purpose) may be transferred to state and municipal institutions and establishments, insurance companies, bailiffs, lawyers. The basis for such processing of personal data is a legitimate interest – compensation for losses incurred.
    4. During the audit of MultiParcels company, the personal data of the other Party and its representative processed by the Client may be provided to the persons providing audit services. Such processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of a legal obligation for the purpose of conducting an audit.
    5. The Customer undertakes to change his / her data in the MultiParcels Account no later than the next business day in the event of a change in the personal data of his / her representative or representative. All personal data provided in the process of performing the Service is stored in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
  7. Liability and indemnification
    1. Before ordering any Service or concluding an Agreement on the MultiParcels Website, the Customer undertakes to get acquainted with the Rules in detail. MultiParcels Rules and Agreements are concluded exclusively for the benefit of the Client and after assessing the Client’s risk, which the Client understands and assumes. The Company shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the Customer that are not due to the Company’s intentional fault.
    2. The Parties shall be liable for the violation of the provisions of these MultiParcels Rules in accordance with the procedure established by the laws and other legal acts of the Republic.
    3. The Customer undertakes to properly perform its obligations under these Rules and / or the Agreement and to refrain from any actions that could cause damage to MultiParcels.
    4. A Party without requiring the other Party to strictly enforce the Rules. And / or the provisions of the Agreement, do not lose the right to subsequently demand from the Party the proper performance of obligations and compensation for losses incurred due to non-performance or improper performance of obligations.
  8. Force majeure
    1. MultiParcels are released from liability for non-fulfillment of their obligations under these Rules, if such non-fulfillment of obligations was caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Company.
    2. MultiParcels requesting its release from liability must notify the Clients of the circumstances of force majeure, providing evidence that it has taken all reasonable precautions and made every effort to reduce costs or adverse consequences, as well as the possible deadline for fulfillment of obligations. Notification is also required when the grounds for non-compliance cease to exist.
    3. The grounds for releasing MultiParcels from liability arise from the moment of occurrence of the force majeure circumstances or, if the notice was not submitted in time, from the moment of submission of the notice.
  9. Notices
    1. Claims and other notices addressed to MultiParcels may be submitted only in writing by e-mail. email [email protected]. The Parties agree that the terms “in writing” and “in writing” in these Rules include the submission of any document required by the Rules by e-mail.
    2. All notices and other information sent in accordance with these Rules must be written in Lithuanian and recognized as duly served if addressed to the e-mail address specified in the Client’s account. e-mail, and messages sent by MultiParcels are sent by e-mail. email [email protected].
  10. Agreement on the confirmation of the Service order
    1. The Company and the Client agree that all agreements, arrangements, Client’s confirmations, consents and other documents, unilaterally or multilaterally, shall be signed on the Client’s account on the MultiParcels Website with a check mark information regarding the activation of a specific Service and making an appropriate note on the Website. The Customer can confirm the information of MultiParcels regarding the ordered Services only if he logs in to the MultiParcels Website using the e-mail address and password of his account administrator. Only after the Customer confirms that he has read the information of the MultiParcels about the Service, it is activated.
    2. Confirmed information MultiParcels is considered signed after it has been confirmed by the Customer and the fact of such confirmation is considered as a suitable means of proof in court.
    3. Confirmations of the Client’s Rules are stored in the MultiParcels database. The Company and the Client agree that all confirmations of the Rules made by the parties on the Website, from the moment of their generation, are considered to be signed electronic signatures, although the electronic signatures of the parties would not be visually displayed.
    4. The Company shall not be liable for the correctness of any information provided by other customers on the Website and for possible damage to the Website user and / or third parties due to incorrect and / or inaccurate information provided by other users of the Website.