MultiParcels + 3PL service – warehousing, order picking and preparation, customer service and delivery in Lithuania, the Baltic States and around the world!

Whether you’re small or medium businesses, you can forget about warehouse searches, unplanned storage, and shipping flow challenges. Pass these concerns on us for a very low price.
You will not need to combine customer orders, courier agreements, take care of packing materials and hire employees – all these questions will be solved by MultiParcels!


Our warehouses are designed for long-term and short-term storage, for larger and smaller stores for your goods. Warehouses maintain a temperature range: from +15 to +20 degrees. We adapt to your special requirements, we do not have any terms of bonding, we are flexible, so we can offer warehouse services according to your individual needs.
We prepare and send your items from our warehouse in Vilnius wherever you need.
We will accept the goods, count, store safely, and your order will be selected, packed and delivered. We also carry out customer service as required.
We take care of packaging goods, goods packaging, supplies, resources and necessary contracts with carriers.

Order selection, sticker sticking, packaging

Take care only of your sales, and we will complete all product selection, preparation, returns and reports.
We carry out non-standard and additional warehouse work according to your needs, – we place instructions in to the order, we stick stickers, we put together individual items in one and etc.


According to the specifics of your product, we choose the optimal delivery methods: from the same day, delivery of the night in Vilnius delivery to the next day in Lithuania and the Baltic States or around the world. Regardless of the recipient country or city, we take care that your shipment will be delivered in the most efficient way and in the best way possible for the recipient.
During the delivery of the shipment, additional works are carried out, such as: collection of money from the Receiver (COD service), return of signed documents, etc.

Customer service

We perform customer service functions based on individual needs when it is necessary to contact the Sender or the Receiver, the Buyer or the Seller for the purpose of gathering, checking the information necessary for delivery or return, and adapting the necessary documents and other information. We increase the quality of our services and save you money by administering everything by one-stop shop.

MultiParcels is your trusted partner for 3PL services!